Address: 23 Xiaotaishan South Road, Penglai, Shandong (山東省蓬莱市小泰山南路23号) 


  We recommend you stay at the venue of conference, WENLV JINCHENG HOTEL (文旅錦程大酒店), which address is 23 Xiaotaishan South Road, Penglai, Shandong (山東省蓬莱市小泰山南路23号), and strongly recommend another 4-star hotel: WENLV JINHONG HOTEL (文旅錦宏大酒店), which address is 160 Nanhuan Road, Penglai, Shandong (山東省蓬莱市南環路160号). Shuttle bus will be running between the two hotels during the conference period. 
  The hotels belong to Penglaige Cultural Tourism Group.  The special room rate for conference participants is 180 CNY/night for a standard room with a double bed or two single beds at WENLV JINCHENG HOTEL, and 180 CNY/night for a standard room (double or twin), 240 CNY/night for a deluxe room (double or twin), 300 CNY/night for a executive deluxe room (double or Twin) at WENLV JINHONG HOTEL. 

Flight Information from Japan

  For the attendees from Japan, you can see detailed flight information here.

Penglai City (山東省蓬莱市)

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