2011 Asian Conference of Management Science and Applications (ACMSA2011)

The Best Paper Awards

1. Xiaoyi Deng, Chun Jin, Yoshiyuki Higuchi and Jim C. Han: A Novel Collaborative Filtering Recommendation Method Combining Context Clustering and Social Network Analysis for Personalized Recommendation in Mobile E-Commerceimg_2966.jpg

2. Min Huang, Jun Tu and Chunhui Xu: Delivery Time Contract Design in Outsourcing Logistics: A Fourth Party Logistics Perspectiveimg_2967.jpg

3. Noritsugu Fujimoto: The Change of Hierarchy of Urban System: Analysis of Office Location Restructuring in Japan (2000-2010)img_2969.jpg


The Young Scientist Award of ACMSA2011

1. Yang Yu, Jiafu Tang, Jia Li, Yong Yin, Ikou Kaku: Complexity and Improvement Comparison of Line-Cell Conversion Problem with FCFS and SPT

2. Jianjun Zhang, Jiazhen Huo, Jiantong Zhang and Ying Wang: Evolution Mechanism and Incentive Effect of Reputation in Service Outsourcing with Moral Hazardimg_2972.jpg

3. Kyoko Yagi and Ryuta Takashima: Convertible Subordinated Debt Financing and Optimal Investment Timingimg_2974.jpg