2012 Asian Conference of Management Science and Applications (ACMSA2012)

The Best Paper Award of ACMSA2012

  • Kai Zhang, Qiang Luo, Chaojie Li, Kuijun Yu and Qunzhi Wang: "Flexible Supply Contract for Demand with Declining Risks"
  • Akira Nakayama and Tsutomu Anazawa: "New Dijkstra-based algrithm for the single-source shortest path problem:Successive applications of reduced length functions"  
  • Yue Wu and Debi Cao: "Activity Management System for Knowledge Creation Projects"  

The Young Scientist Award of ACMSA2012

  • Ti Wang, Daiki Yamashita, Ryuichi Yokoyama, Hiroshi Takamori and Tak Niimura: "A Framework of Consumer Participation in the Energy Management of a Smart Community"  
  • Xiying Hao, Yanwen Dong and Sen Wu: "Dealing with severely imbalanced credit scoring data set"  
  • Kumiko Mori, Tadayuki Masui and Ikou Kaku: "A Research on the Promotion of Modal Shift"