The Student Best Paper Awards of ACMSA2019

  • HOSAKA Taiju (Waseda University), YAMASHITA Haruka (Sophia University) and GOTO Masayuki (Waseda University): "An Analytical Model of Web Sites Relationship Based on Browsing History Embedding Considering Page Transitions".
  • FAN Xiaofu (Waseda University) and WENG Jiahua (Kanagawa University): "A study on order-receiving plan applying production seat system for sales staff in engineer-to-order manufactory".

The Best Paper Awards of ACMSA2019

  • ZHANG Yuying (Yanshan University), YUE Dequan (Yanshan University) and YUE Wuyi (Konan University): "A Queuing Inventory System with Random Order Size and Servers Vacations".

  • FU Jing (Fukuoka Institute of Technology), PAGE Frank (London School of Economics and Political Science) and ZIGRAND Jean-Pierre (London School of Economics and Political Science): "Spheres of Influence, Tipping Points, and Endogenous Systemic Risk in Dynamic Network Formation Games".

The Best Paper Awards for Workshop of ACMSA2019

  • ARAGANE Koji (Waseda University), SATO Tetsuya (Waseda University) and SHIINA Takayuki (Waseda University): "The Multi-period Stochastic Programming Model of a Lateral Transshipment Problem, considering rentals and returns".
  • WATANABE Hiroko (University of Tokyo), HONMA Yudai (University of Tokyo), HONMA Kentaro (University of Tokyo) and IMAI Kotaro (University of Tokyo): "Spatio-temporal Effects of Shadow by Skyscrapers on Sunshine Environment in Urban Area", University of Tokyo, Japan.

The Outstanding Contribution Awards of AAMSA in 2019

  • SONG, Yu (Fukuoka Institute of Technology)